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Currently, I'm studying Computer Science and Software Engineering at the Institute of Technology in Linköping University and working as a consultant for Gozinto. If you'd like to know more about me, download my CV or get in touch!


This is a quick breakdown of my resume, which can be downloaded just above.


The Institute of Technology in Linköping University

2016 -

M.Sc. Computer Science and Software Engineering



2016 -

Consulting and/or leading various projects in IT and management.


Java 90%

Android 80%

JavaFX 70%

Python3 80%

HTML5 / CSS 80%

JavaScript 70%

Wordpress 90%

Version Control (Git/Subversion) 70%


SpotiQ for Spotify

Ever wished you could just collaborate with your friends in creating a live-playlist that plays in the order the songs were added? We've all been at a party where the host hijacks the music. SpotiQ solves that problem.

Used tools/libraries:

  • Spotify Android SDK
  • Firebase SDK
  • RxJava / RxAndroid
  • Dagger2
  • Butterknife
  • Glide

Schematiskt Skolschema

With only outdated apps on the Play Store, Schematiskt quickly made it to the top of the charts after release. Offering the user infinite customization options and a fresh design that follows Google's material design guidelines, Schematiskt became the new standard in school-schedule apps for Android in Sweden.

Used tools/libraries:

  • RxJava
  • Butterknife
  • Glide
  • TinyDB


My passion for film presents itself in a programming project for the course Object Oriented Programming In Java (TDDD78). By talking to the TmDB API, CineMate does everything you expect out of a film search engine. Search for movies, TV, cast and much more in a beautifully designed interface that lends itself easily to the common user.

Used tools/libraries:

  • Retrofit
  • Gson
  • Jackson
  • JavaFX
  • JFoenix
  • TmDB API


I found myself constantly blanking when being asked what kind of music I like. Even though I listen to music constantly, I could hardly name more than a couple of favorite songs because I couldn't recall the titles. To remidy this, I created a Spotify song title ticker that lives in the Mac OS X menu bar.

Used tools/libraries:

  • JavaFX
  • AppleScript

DIS Regional

During my time in Gozinto, I worked on a WordPress solution for DIS's several regional websites. DIS being a genealogy-oriented association, wanted a solution that would incorporate modern design language with usability in mind for senior users.

Used tools/libraries:

  • WordPress

Nordic China Healthcare Solutions

Another Gozinto project. This time, for the Swedish healthcare consortium (NCHS) whose goal is uniting Chinese and Swedish healthcare providers and organizations and sharing knowledge. The site is as such provided in both English and Chinese and has a focus on responsiveness for the large mobile user base in China.

Used tools/libraries:

  • WordPress

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